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piloting your life

Welcome to Piloting Your Life, a podcast by Terri Hanson Mead.  We have been cleared for takeoff and I am excited to see you have boarded the aircraft.

Please pay attention as I give you your in-flight instructions.  We may encounter some turbulence upon takeoff, so please remain in your seat with your seat belts fastened until we reach a comfortable cruising altitude and the seat belt light has been turned off. 

Your in-flight entertainment will consist of inspiring interviews with people who chose to rely on their internal fortitude to chart their own course. Terri discusses what helped them achieve the success they enjoy today.  Many of us have big goals but don’t have the role models to help us see this journey unfold in front of us. It is hard to become something that you can’t see or imagine and these interviews provide inspiration for us to be the pilots in our own lives. 

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