Episode 104 -Terri shares with Jacqueline how we can use Flight Plans to explore and reach our midlife destinations.


Show Highlights

·      Terri talks about how Flight Plan came about and how to use it to explore, experiment, and achieve our goals in midlife

·      Terri and Jacqueline share how they use vision boards (spoiler alert: they view them differently)

·      Terri completes a Flight Plan for putting together a plan to get as healthy as possible by the time she turns 50

·      Terri and Jacqueline talk more about being intentional about connecting with other people, Snapchat filters, and video calls with friends

·      Weekly challenge:  create a flight plan, share it out on social media, tag @PilotingYourLife on IG, and learn from each other

·      Get planning!


Terri’s Key Takeaway

Create your Flight Plans and begin exploring and achieving!


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