Episode 105 -Terri and Jacqueline discuss how we as women can claim and wield our power to change the world for the better.


Show Highlights

·      Terri and Jacqueline discuss the power of transitions

·      Terri and Jacqueline discuss how we as women can claim our power as women beginning with voting with the #powerofthepurse

·      Terri and Jacqueline talk about how the world is generally not designed by or for women and how we continue to adjust and adapt to fit in

·      Terri is encouraging women to claim our space in the startup and investor ecosystem and come together to create a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem

·      Jacqueline talks about her story about not being good with money

·      Terri encourages women to be unapologetically ourselves and asks, “What if we don’t give a shit?”  We are here; get used to it.

·      Terri encourages women to support, believe and stand up for other women; don’t be a drain on other women

·      Terri rejects the notion of a zero sum game

·      Terri wants every woman to do one thing for one woman every day in the month of October #liftnotdrag


Terri’s Key Takeaway

Ladies, like Dorothy, we had the power all along.


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