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piloting your life

Welcome to Piloting Your Life, a podcast with Terri Hanson Mead, produced by Jacqueline Steenhuis. 

We are taking a break for the summer (2019) and will resume interviews in September 2019 to share inspirational stories from midlife women who are the pilots in their own lives. Look for Piloting Your Life (the book) to come out this fall, too! Midlife is not a crisis; it’s an opportunity.

Last season (Jan-April 2019) was all about women’s health…startups, investors, researchers, healthcare providers, and those in the ecosystem committed to providing a better health and wellness experience for women across the spectrum of women’s health.

Welcome aboard to both new and existing passengers on this amazing journey.  You have your choice on ways to listen to the podcast whether it’s on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify.

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As a commercially rated helicopter pilot I can tell you, it’s always good to fly!