Episode 96 -Terri talks with her second child Rei about their GenZ life in the Silicon Valley.


Terri talks to her second born child, Rei (born Rachel), about GenZ life in the Silicon Valley including Rei’s drive to learn, stress and anxiety, mental health awareness, social media pressures, their health journey, and being a part of a maker generation.

Show Highlights 

  • Rei shares their experience as a GenZ non-binary kid in a public high school in Silicon Valley and their drive to learn 

  • Rei talks about teenage stress, anxiety, the importance of having positive friends, and being comfortable talking about mental health 

  • Terri asks Rei about their health journey and impact of changes in health habits 

  • Rei explains why they think they are part of the GenZ maker generation and why it’s import to share content they have created 

  • Rei and Terri talk about what it’s going to be like when Rei’s brother Adam goes off to college 

Terri’s Key Takeaway 

Terri is much more optimistic about the future if it is full of teenagers like Rei.  


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