Episode 103 -Terri and Jacqueline discuss why making investments in friendships should be one of our highest priorities, especially in midlife


Terri and Jacqueline discuss why making investments in friendships should be one of our highest priorities, especially in midlife

Show Highlights

·      Terri and Jacqueline talk about how loneliness is harmful to your health and shared research around this along with how friendships improve your health

·      Jacqueline talks about how it can feel so good to tap into the empathy in celebrating a friend’s success

·      Terri will be digging into why women have trouble supporting other women and launching an October challenge to actively support other women daily

·      Terri and Jacqueline talk about how expressing gratitude daily reprograms your brain

·      Crew chat idea:  conduct a friend audit and discuss ways to be grateful for certain friendships, where there are gaps and what are we bringing to our friendships

·      Terri and Jacqueline talk about the importance of understanding our Love Languages and those of our friends to have better relationships (Note: it doesn’t look like there is a quiz for friendship, but I did the singles one and found out mine)

·      Terri shared how her self-imposed exile in the winter 2018/2019 was not healthy for her

·      Terri shares the concept of the Crew Chat outlined in the book and suggests this month’s assignment is:

o   Assemble a flight crew (max 4-5 women)

o   Schedule 2-3 hours together this month

o   Do the love language assessment

o   Discuss your friendships, what you are grateful for, gaps, what you are bringing to your friendships

o   Post a pic on IG story and tag @pilotingyourlife #crewchat #flightcrew and/or share in the Piloting Your Life (the book) FB group

·      Go get friendly!

Terri’s Key Takeaway

Investing time in friendships is time well spent. 

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