Episode 94 - Improving overall health outcomes in patients through patient engagement with JennIFER Maddocks of Duke Health


Terri talks with Jennifer Maddocks of Duke Health’s Digital Strategy Office on the importance of patient engagement not only for healthcare delivery but for increasing the overall quality of care for patients as consumers.  

Show Highlights 

  • Jen talks about her role in patient engagement at Duke Health in the Digital Strategy Office and why patient engagement is important 

  • Jen shares why patient engagement is important not only for Duke Health in healthcare delivery but more importantly for us as patients (and consumers) in managing our health and healthcare 

  • Terri asks Jen about the pathway into health systems for innovation 

  • Jen talks about the opportunities for patients to augment their healthcare in-between visits with in-home solutions and ways to optimize patient time and visits 

  • Terri and Jen talk about the importance of data privacy and how the regulations make it difficult to effectively manage the health for loved ones and even our own health 

Terri’s Key Takeaway 

We have an opportunity to leverage technology to create optimal care for patients in a way that reduces challenges for patients. 

References in the Podcast 

Who is Jennifer Maddocks? 

Jennifer Maddocks PT, MMCi is a board-certified healthcare professional who transitioned to the technology team at Duke Health in 2015.  She is a member of the Digital Strategy Office at Duke and focuses on patient engagement and the patient experience as it relates to technology. She really enjoys learning from patients and working with health system partners to identify opportunities to continuously improve digital patient interactions and positively impact health outcomes for patients and their loved ones. 


Jen can be reached via email at jennifer.maddocks@duke.edu. 

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