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Episode 85-What is new and exciting in Women's Health and Digital Health after the JP Morgan conference

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Terri talks with Jacqueline about what she learned and who she met at the JP Morgan Life Sciences conference in SF including innovations, digital health, and opportunities in women’s health.    

Show Highlights 

  • Terri talks about what the JP Morgan Life Sciences conference is all about, what she learned, who she met, and some of the trends and innovations in women’s health.  

  • Terri talks about the importance of normalization language and conversations around women’s health and wellness, including sexual health and wellness.   

  • Terri and Jacqueline talk about changing the norms around aging, especially around body image, and taking charge of our health in our midlife in setting ourselves best for life after 65.   

  • Terri is excited about how digital health is being embraced within biotech and pharma in various areas including medication adherence, better patient targeting, better clinical trial design, and better leveraging of data to optimizing drug development and delivery.   

  • They talk about data and data ownership being a big topic in 2019 and the ramifications of deals like 23andMe and GSK.   

  • Terri and Jacqueline discuss the $8.1B invested in digital health in 2018, and what is included in digital health including the blurring of lines between health and wellness.    

Terri’s Key Takeaway 

We need to normalize the language and conversations around women’s health, wellness, and body parts.   

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