Episode 87-removing the stigma and normalizing the conversation for women around stress incontinence.


Terri talks Allison Conti of Watkins-Conti Products about her personal experience with stress incontinence that led to the creation of a medical device for women as an alternative to surgery and other uncomfortable and invasive solutions.

Who is Allison Conti?

Allison Conti is an Oklahoma-based entrepreneur who was raised in an entrepreneurial environment where she witnessed the formation and creation of sustainable businesses. The industries ranged from oil & gas exploration and development to retail, cattle ranching and commercial real estate. Allison began her professional career in print media marketing and advertising. She then transitioned to a successful career in the radio and television industry. Allison also owned and managed a small business in the construction trades.

In 2015, as a mother of three, she conceived a solution for involuntary urine leakage, an issue that affects over 498 million women, worldwide.  The passion and drive for this venture is based on personal experience. She designed, patented, engineered and manufactured this non-invasive, comfortable and easy to use solution that is entering the FDA approval process. 

Allison is dedicated to the innovation and development of affordable, effective solutions for common life-altering difficulties faced in today’s environment.  Recently named Top 20 under 40 in Business Times Magazine!

Show Highlights

·      Allison talks about what stress incontinence is, who it impacts, and why don’t women don’t want to talk about it, and why she is passionate about creating a better solution for women. 

·      Allison shares the other options available to women and why she developed YoniFit as another alternative for women.

·      Allison talks why women would be willing to participate in the clinical trial at NYU. 

·      Allison created LeakyLady.com to make the topic easier for investors to discuss and for women to share their stories to remove the stigma around stress incontinence.

·      Allison talks about the team bringing this product to market and surrounding herself with an experienced team.

·      Terri asks about Allison’s fundraising experience and the reactions from investors.    

·      Allison talks about protecting her technology through patents and trademarks and expanding into global markets. 

·      Allison shares her personal story around her condition, how many women are affected by this condition, and how it has changed her life and how she wants to change the lives of other women as well. 


Terri’s Key Takeaway

So much of how we have approached women’s health has been about what is wrong with our bodies and with shame and we need to start talking about the conditions affecting so many women to remove the stigmas, shame, and get to better solutions. 


References in the Podcast

·      Leaky Lady:  http://www.leakylady.com/



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