Episode 86-Improving healthcare solutions for women by pairing technology with Health


Terri talks Katie McMillan of Duke Health about why she is interested in women’s health, why we are seeing an explosion in women’s health solutions, and why she sees technology as the answer to some of our healthcare issues for women.

Who is Katie McMillan?


For 10 years, Katie D. McMillan, MPH has dedicated her career to imagining and building technology to improve healthcare for patients and providers. Her experience spans multi-national global health organizations, lean software start-up companies, and large academic medical centers. Katie’s latest venture is the creation of the Mobile App Gateway at Duke University Health System. Launched in the summer of 2017, the MAG serves as the hub for digital health at Duke and provides product consulting services to clinicians and researchers, monthly events and workshops, and content exploring the many facets of the health tech industry. Katie has been involved in the ideation and creation of over 75 apps. In her free time, Katie microblogs at her Well Made Health account on Instagram (@wellmadehealth exploring creativity, digital design, and Fem Tech.  

Show Highlights

·      Katie shares how she developed an interest in women’s health and FemTech

·      Katie talks about how she’s seen women’s health and technology change over the last 10 years

·      Katie shares why we are seeing an explosion in technology for women’s health and why she started micro-blogging under Well Made Health with #FemTechFriday

·      Terri asked Katie about evidence-based solutions for women’s health and talks about matching up FemTech companies with researchers to generate clinical device and inform the science around the solutions

·      Terri raises the issue of the price point and focus on middle class white woman for these solutions and the importance of making available to a broader group of women

·      Katie is highlighting Lemonaid Health this week on @WellMadeHealth for #FemTechFriday


Terri’s Key Takeaway

We women hold different roles in our lives and have different seasons in our lives which is very different from men and therefore our healthcare needs are very different as well. 


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