Piloting Your Life Episode 3 - Mary Jo Dionne

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Show Summary

How Mary-Jo Dionne sees obstacles as opportunities and adventures and found humor in her darkest moments.  @MaryJoDionne

Who is Mary-Jo Dionne?

Mary-Jo is a writer, speaker, performer, podcaster, philanthropist and has her own company, Mary-Jo Dionne Productions based in Vancouver, Canada.  Prior to starting her company, she worked as a copywriter with multi-national ad agencies and in-house marketing departments. She writes for outlets like The Huffington Post and has performed stand-up comedy in Vancouver, New York, Toronto, and LA and wrote and produced a one-woman show called "Glowing: A Reproduction Production". She now has two young and adorable daughters, JouJou and Birdie. She now has a podcast called Tea with a Titan where she interviews people who have fallen but continue to get back up every time.  What started as a gift to her daughters now has listeners in over 70 countries.  She is also a three-time melanoma survivor. 

Show Highlights

  • How she sees obstacles as opportunities and adventures. 
  • Does she see herself as fearless or courageous and how does she move through fear to achieve?
  • How her mom influenced her positive outlook on life and view of life from a place of abundance.
  • How she consciously aims to expand and how her upbringing influenced her way of being in the world. 
  • How Mary-Jo survived her darkest days, pregnant with a diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. (Thank you, Susanne Biro for the great question @susannebiro)
  • How she imagines difficult people as sitcom characters.  
  • Her experience on Necker Island and talking to Richard Branson. 
  • How she would wave a magic wand to eliminate self-doubt.
  • How decisions can change your life and it only takes a decision to move from one state of mind to another. 

   Terri's Key Takeaway

Perception is not part of the equation; it is the equation.


Follow Mary-Jo on Twitter:  @MaryJoDionne or via her website at https://maryjodionne.com/

Her podcast Tea with a Titan can be found at:  https://maryjodionne.com/tea-with-a-titan/

To help with the recovery in the British Virgin Islands, go to www.bvihelp.com

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