Piloting Your Life Episode 2 - Tyler Lynch

Tyler Lynch

Show Summary

How Tyler Lynch went from a successful tech job to minimum-security prison to another successful six figure tech job and an advocate for marginalized people in his community.  

Who is Tyler Lynch?

Tyler Lynch is a software and solutions architect focusing on Clinical Solutions for Elsevier, a global information and analytics that help institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance. His passions include relaxing with his boyfriend eating Asian food and watching Netflix, solving complex problems with technology, advocating for homeless and transgender community members, and paying it forward wherever possible.  

Show Highlights

  • How did Tyler end up in prison?
  • How was Tyler able to get a high paying tech job with a $45B global company while on house arrest after being in prison?
  • How did Tyler use an Amazon wish list to upskill while in prison and maintain his tech skills?
  • Do people treat him differently because of his past drug use and time in prison in the workplace?
  • What was Tyler’s journey to sobriety and how did the DEA, Homeland Security, and the Federal prosecutor help him on this journey? 
  • How he supports the marginalized in his Philadelphia community and the Wall of Love. Sharing the message of love, tolerance, and resistance to hate. 
  • What are Tyler’s suggestions for addressing gender parity and some of the disparity issues with people of color? Should we be more proactive?  Should we consider civil disobedience? 
  • How he serves the Federal government outside of prison. 
  • How he would use a magic wand to help the LGBTQ youth and how he is helping transgenders in his community.  

Terri’s Key Takeaway

In this charged political and social climate, now more than ever, it is important to take the time to listen to others, especially those who may have different experiences in this world.  We need to check our assumptions and keep open minds.  


Connect with Tyler on Linked-in:  www.linkedin.com/in/tylerlynch 

If you are interested in supporting the LGBTQ community: www.aidsfundphilly.org 

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