Piloting Your Life Introduction

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Welcome Aboard! 

My new podcast, Piloting Your Life, has been cleared for takeoff and I am excited to see you have boarded the aircraft.

I need all of you on board to pay attention as I give you your in-flight instructions.  

  1. Please go to iTunes and Subscribe to the show within a week so we can get the show promoted and in the rankings.   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/piloting-your-life/id1286962683
  2. Once you have listened to it, please give it a rating and review on iTunes.  Five stars would be fabulous, of course (but if you have constructive suggestions, feel free to drop me a line at PilotingYourLife@gmail.com).  
  3. Once you have done the first item above (essentially putting on your own oxygen mask) please tell a friend or two so they, too, can enjoy the podcast.  Please ask them to Subscribe, Download, and Rate in iTunes and provide them with the links to make it easier for them.

We may encounter some turbulence upon takeoff, so please remain in your seat with your seat belts fastened until we reach a comfortable cruising altitude and the seat belt light has been turned off. 

Your in-flight entertainment will consist of inspiring interviews with people who chose not to be victims of their circumstances,  but relied on their internal fortitude to chart their own course. Terri discusses what helped them achieve the success they enjoy today. The goal is to provide inspiration for those struggling to overcome, among other things, sexism, racism, socioeconomic, cultural and educational challenges, that may or may not have been of their own doing, to be the pilots in their own lives. There will also be solo casts where I describe aspects of my own journeys that have been challenging or life changing.

If there are points of interest that you would like to check out along our journey (for the in-flight entertainment) , please drop me a line at PilotingYourLife@gmail.com.  This includes other inspirational guests you may want me to interview or some of my stories you would like to hear.  

I thank you for flying with me today.  It’s a beautiful day to fly, and we are cleared for takeoff.  


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