Episode 106 -Terri talks with Annie Rogaski about the 31 day #LiftNotDrag challenge to lift up women.


Show Highlights

·      Terri and Annie talk about the importance of actively supporting and promoting other women

·      Terri raises the challenge for all of us women to do one thing every day in the month of October:  #LiftNotDrag

·      Terri and Annie discuss ways in which we can provide lift for other women each and every day during the month of October in ways that might just become second nature.


Terri’s Key Takeaway

It’s time for us to actively look for opportunities to promote and lift other women.


References in the Podcast

·      Piloting Your Life:

·      Unraveling Pink podcast:

·      Piloting Your Life book signing event on October 5, 2019 at Pomegranate Seeds in Redwood City:



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