Episode 46 - Recap of the week in Angel Investing and syndicating a deal on Angellist

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Terri continues with her series on angel investing with a recap of her activities over the last week including her regular, weekly startup advising, her first syndicated deal, what a syndicate is, and the convergence of her work in life sciences and her investing.

Show Highlights

  • Terri recaps why she is doing this series of podcasts:  create a mesh network of like-minded investors to invest in the startups and founders who aren’t necessarily getting the attention from mainstream angel and venture investors despite having very promising and investable startups.
  • Terri talks in greater detail about syndicating her first deal on AngelList and what a syndicate is
  • Terri shares details about her regular advisory meetings, various meetings with startup founders and investors, and how her life in life sciences is converging with her angel investing 


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