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Episode 63 -Terri explains how to set up a technical project for success

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Terri talks with Jacqueline about her process for planning a technical project to set the project up for success and be able to objectively evaluate the success at the end of the project.   


Show Highlights 

  • Terri talks about having to complete her professional education hours for her PMP (project management professional) certification.  She talks about writing some blog posts and putting on a webinar on planning a technology project which is covered in this episode.  

  • The presentation Terri provided covers the following areas (link in references): 

  • Project charter 

  • Project document 

  • Project plan 

  • Agreements 

  • Preparing for kick off 

  • Terri talks about how she is assuming that the lead candidate has been identified and the system is either business critical, a major enterprise project, or needs to be validated to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.   

  • Terri shares that she is a believer in right-sizing the planning of a project.  

  • Terri talks about starting with a project charter to get the stakeholders on the same page regarding the project and shares details about what goes into the charter.   

  • Terri talks about creating a project document for the larger projects she works on which is the guidebook / playbook for the project.   

  • Terri shares why it is important to establish the acceptance criteria and success criteria for the project at the beginning of the project to be able to objectively assess the success of the project at the end of the project.  

  • Terri explains to Jacqueline why a project plan is wrong as soon as it is generated but you need to start someplace when it is good enough.  

  • Terri emphasizes the importance of NOT signing agreements with vendors until the project is planned.   

  • Terri talks about the practical aspects of managing and planning the overall project and the importance of understanding the motivations of all of the stakeholders.  

  • Terri shares her concerns about SaaS solutions and the assumption that they are plug-and-play without taking into account the integration within the business processes.  Terri is concerned about operationalizing the new system and associated processes.   


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