Episode 39 - Building Community through cooking and sharing meals both with family and with friends

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Terri joined Diana Silva aka Molé Mama on her 12Radio program to talk about building community over food, the importance of cooking and dining as a family, her love for her French cooking.   

Show Highlights 

  • Diana introduces Terri by reading her bio and providing her own perspective on Terri  

  • Terri talks about the importance in showing vulnerabilities, showing that even if something is hard, that we can work through the challenges 

  • Terri loves to cook, is a self-professed Francophile, and would love to spend part of every year in France 

  • Terri shows her love for other people through her cooking and entertaining and bringing people together 

  • Terri tells the story of the Monday night white-trash party in her front yard and how it was the catalyst for Terri and Zeke to build an outdoor sitting area in the front yard for regular entertaining 

  • Terri loves setting a beautiful table because it adds to the dining experience and helps people relax and celebrate the little beauty in life 

  • Terri purchases linens, dishes, glasses, candles on her various trips and adventures and enjoys reliving the memory of those adventures 

  • Diana prompted Terri to talk about her family’s annual scarefest and how they like to entertain or have activities at Halloween to not focus on begging for candy.  Terri loves Halloween and loves to dress up.  The themes have been everything from mad scientist to zombie café, to fairy tales gone bad, to HellthScare 2017.  This is too scary for Diana and her house is the caring and loving house for those people who get scared at our house.  

  • Terri likes to bring women together to meet, support each other, and enjoy a nice dinner wearing tiara nights.  Her friends connect personally and/or professionally and simply enjoy each other.  

  • Diana comments on how whimsical Terri’s events are and Terri uses these as an opportunity to explore her creative site and have a creative outlet.  

  • Terri learned about home exchanges from high school friends and arranged from a month in Paris in 2013 and two other exchanges in France in 2015.  

  • Terri likes to cook things that are amazing and easy but appear to be hard.  Terri likes clean flavors and food and cooking French with a California twist.  

  • Terri talks about her favorite recipes including handmade pasta, Bolognese sauce, ciabatta, potato dauphinoise, Eton’s mess, and panna cotta.   

  • Terri’s daughter Rachel is a great baker because she is precise and able to follow directions.  Terri prefers to cook because the precision isn’t as necessary.  

  • Terri had Diana’s husband over to experiment with creating cocktails.   

  • Terri talks about one summer when they did two different home exchanges in Paris and Provence and how she made gazpacho with some fresh vegetables from the garden.  

  • Terri shared the story of how they went from dining at Chez Serge in Carpentras, France to getting an invitation to the owners’ house for dinner with other amazing people and ultimately getting a backstage view of a French family circus.   

  • Terri discusses the importance of being gracious guests in foreign countries and how well she’s been treated as a result 

  • Cooking with her family is important and making sure her kids know how to cook is important to Terri; she wants to make sure her kids will be eating more than ramen when they leave the house. 

  • While her kids generally hate it, Terri tries to make sure that her family sits down for dinner as often as possible.  It’s important to her to make sure that she and her husband are around when the kids decide to talk.   

  • Diana asked about Terri’s podcast and what prompted her to start it.  One of Diana’s favorite episodes is when Terri interviews her son Adam.   

  • If Terri could wave a magic wand, she would make people comfortable in their own skin.  


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You can find out more about Diana at her website:  http://www.molemama.com/.  Don’t forget to try some of her recipes and read her book.   

You can follow Terri on Twitter at @terrihansonmead or go to her website at www.terrihansonmead.com or on Medium:  https://medium.com/@terrihansonmead.  

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