Episode 19- Finding your Tribe

Finding your tribe.png

Terri talks about the importance of being vulnerable, to ask for help, and to trust others to build your tribe and that she doesn’t have it all figured out.   

Who is Terri Mead? 

Terri Hanson Mead is President of Solutions2Projects, LLC, a consulting company that provides IT strategy and IT compliance services in the life sciences space in addition to expert witness consulting services.  She is also an active angel investor and former Vice President of Sand Hill Angels, regularly advises startups and in her spare time, flies helicopters.  She is passionate about supporting, and advocating for, female founders and investors and has created Class Bravo Ventures to more formally do so.  

Show Highlights 

  • It’s ok to be vulnerable 

  • You are worthy 

  • Ask for help; learn to receive as well as you give 

  • Friendships don’t need to be forever 

  • Trust others 

  • If you are feeling lonely, reach out your hand and someone will come running (modified from a song from Dear Evan Hanson) 


You can follow Terri on Twitter at @terrihansonmead or go to her website at www.terrihansonmead.com or on Medium:  https://medium.com/@terrihansonmead 

Feel free to email her at PilotingYourLife@gmail.com. 

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