Episode 18 -Martin Lynch

Episode 18 Martin Lynch.png

 Terri talks to Silicon Valley tech executive Martin Lynch about how his catastrophic bike accident in 2014 made him into a more empathetic man and how is determined to do another Ironman.   


Who is Martin Lynch? 

Martin is a Silicon Valley high tech executive and currently the COO of SunLink. He is an experienced tri-athlete and Ironman competitor and lives in Los Gatos, CA with his incredibly supportive wife Kelly and their teenage daughter. He had a catastrophic bike accident in 2014 that resulted in significant injuries that he continues to recover from and live with three years later.  He continues to work towards being able to compete (to his satisfaction) in another Ironman and is writing a book about his experience.   

Show Highlights 

  • Martin describes the bike accident that changed his life in 2014 and waking up disoriented five days later in the hospital 

  • Martin initial response was to conquer the situation and get back to normal as quickly as possible 

  • Martin believes that the accident, recovery and long-term implications are much harder on his wife than on him 

  • Martin was ignorant of the extent of the damage to his body and didn’t learn until later how catastrophic the injuries were and even signed up for a half Ironman for nine months after the accident only one month into recovery  

  • His delusional / ignorant state helped him recover and he tried to maintain as much of a sense of normalcy as possible with his job 

  • He learned a lot about himself and his family as he recovered, and he was blessed to have his marriage become stronger and deeper and more meaningful 

  • He was able to stay positive by using his mind as a tool and move forward even if it was just a little bit 

  • Martin talked about how the accident and recovery changed him and made him more empathetic and he understands his mind better; it made him a better listener 

  • Did his athletic training help him in his recovery from a mental perspective?  

  • He talks about the hardest part being the impact on his family 

  • Terri asks about when he is going to write the book and suggests that he include his wife, Kelly as a voice in the book and that he done one now and another one later 

  • Martin would like to wave a magic wand to get more people to listen more to each other to improve things in the world 


Terri’s Key Takeaway 

So much in life is mind over matter.   



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