Episode 16 -Diana Silva aka Molé Mama

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Terri talks to Diana Silva aka Molé Mama about how being able to speak Spanish launched her global, technical career and how being ahead of her time prompted the creation of Molé Mama.   

Who is Diana Silva? 

Diana Silva has over 10 years of global digital marketing and eCommerce experience. She’s held senior management positions at Leapfrog, Walmart.com, SanDisk, Ancestry.com and Cisco Systems. Diana has extensive product marketing, eCommerce, digital merchandising, branding, public relations, and social media experience and has driven expansive revenue growth, successful product launches, and increased brand awareness and social media channel growth.  


Diana is also the founder of Molé Mama, author, video blogger and radio host. Her Molé Mama Recipes YouTube channel celebrates family recipes, cooking delicious meals at home and adding love to every recipe.  


Show Highlights 

  • Diana talks about how speaking Spanish as a Latina got her into working on the internet in 1991 

  • Diana was recruited by Intel and later by Walmart.com 

  • Diana worked with the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Garth Brooks and Neo 

  • Terri and Diana talk about how infrequently they are asked to speak on technical topics although they are asked to be on diversity and inclusion panels and how we need to become more visible to conference and panel organizers 

  • Mole Mama is Diana’s brand and passion and how the idea came to her 10 years ago when she presented a white paper on an interactive food channel and it was rejected twice so she decided to do it on her own 

  • Diana has been ahead of her time from a technology and brand perspective and was frustrated because she wasn’t heard at the time 

  • Writing Molé Mama was incredibly healing for Diana after the loss of her mother, Rose 

  • Diana started her radio show over a year ago but wanted to quit every week the first 6 months 

  • Diana wants to help people from all cultures connect over food and the table to break down the barriers that lead to racism 

  • In high school, Diana was in a beauty pageant in Santa Maria, CA and declared that it was the time to do away with sexism, racism, and ageism 

  • If Diana had a magic wand, she would help people to understand that they are ‘enough’ 


Terri’s Key Takeaway 

Timing is everything.   


To learn more about Diana and Mole Mama, go to her website at www.molemama.com 

You can follow her on Twitter at @mole_mama and watch her cook on her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/molemamarecipes 

Her book can be purchased from the website Molé Mama; A Memoir of Love, Cooking and Loss 

You can find her on Facebook at www.fb.com/molemama and see what’s for dinner at www.fb.com/groups/molemamawhatsfordinner 

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