Episode 15 -Role Reversal

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Terri Mead talks about how she and her husband decided to have him be the one to stay home with the kids over 10 years ago, the transition into the reversed roles, and where they are now with the situation.  


Show Highlights 

  • How did Terri and Zeke decide to have Zeke stay home with the kids over 10 years ago? 

  • What it was like before they decided to have Zeke stay home 

  • The transition was not easy and there were no clearly defined job responsibilities 

  • Zeke worked with a private chef to develop skills and confidence in the kitchen to reduce stress in the house around dinner 

  • Continued conflicts around paying attention to details  

  • Emotional tax and mental gymnastics 

  • Having Zeke involved with the school and local education foundation is a huge plus for the community 

  • Zeke taking off his shirt to raise $$...it’s all for the kids 

  • Stay-at-home parents are challenged to find fulfillment with the ‘Groundhog Day’ effect 

  • We would consider the role reversal to be a success for our family and our community!  


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