Episode 13 -Bubbly Bonus Part 2

Bubbly Bonus 2.png

Terri and her producer Jacqueline Steenhuis chat over the same bottle of Scharffenberger Brut as in the first Bubbly Bonus episode in part two of the conversation where we get to hear Jacqueline’s story beginning in science, leaving the workforce to stay at home with her two daughters, and gradually re-engaging in work outside the home as she continues to explore what she wants to do when she grows up.   


Show Highlights 

  • Jacqueline shares her story beginning as a student in science and how some of her teachers attempted to limit her but she chose to embrace those limiting words and turn them into motivation to prove them wrong by pursuing her PhD  

  • Jacqueline talks about how hard it was to shift from working full time to being a stay-at-home mom and how she missed the external validation and the mental game of being in science 

  • Terri didn’t know that Jacqueline had a PhD in science when they first met as Jaqueline taught nature journaling to kids in elementary school and was and is an extremely talented artist 

  • Jacqueline transitioned back into the workforce by working part time coaching for Weight Watchers  

  • Jacqueline became a certified life coach in 2016 and how she is bringing together the work she has done at Weight Watchers into life coaching in helping people deal with their relationship with food 

  • Terri talks about the importance of addressing underlying behavioral health issues when treating chronic health issues 

  • They talk about beginning their  working together on various projects starting with Terri’s re-branding project 

  • Jacqueline leveraged her life coaching experience to get to who Terri is and can be, used her artistic talent and applied it to the branding and website design, and her researching and problem solving skills to develop new skills to apply to the branding and website development project 

  •  While Jacqueline appreciated the love and hugs she got from volunteering at the school, when she started getting paid by Weight Watchers, she realized that getting money makes you understand that you are economically viable 

  • Jacqueline talks about how much she loves to solve a problem that has never been solved before and how much she enjoyed that when she worked at Stanford 

  • Jacqueline now needs to decide what to do with her new skills and experience and Terri plans to keep her busy with more projects  

  • Terri talks about the importance of having win/win situations in her work and her world right now and achieving ease in her work and life.  Jacqueline is choosing courage.   

Terri’s Key Takeway 

Don’t listen to what other people say to limit you unless you use it as a motivational factor. 


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