Episode 12 The First Bubbly Bonus

Bubbly Bonus.png

Terri and her producer Jacqueline Steenhuis chat over a bottle of Scharffenberger sparkling wine and discuss the first seven episodes of Piloting Your Life, embracing who you are in the world, emotional labor, and the importance of taking risks to live a bold and beautiful life.   


Show Highlights 

  • What is the Bubbly Bonus?  

  • Terri and Jacqueline talk about bestie bestie wu wu friends and embracing vulnerability and femininity 

  • Jacqueline emphasizes the importance of embracing who you are and how it adds to what you bring to the world 

  • They talk about the interview with Mary-Jo Dionne:  perception isn’t part of the equation, it is the equation 

  • Terri’s talks about her doubts and insecurities about angel investing and being a real helicopter pilot and no longer accepting others’ limitations 

  • Terri decided that after reading The Feminist Fight Club that she would no longer adapt and accommodate to make other people feel better about themselves at her expense 

  • Jacqueline talks about with sexism that we women tend to play small in the world  

  • Terri and Jacqueline talk about how women de-escalate situations and the emotional tax paid by women also called emotional labor  

  • The birth of a podcast, how sometimes you need to do something to improve, and learning as we go 

  • They talk about the episode with Tyler Lynch:  how you can screw up and recover  

  • Terri finally introduces Jacqueline and how they met 

Terri’s Key Takeway 

It is important to take risks to live a bold and beautiful life. 

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