Episode 62 Bonus! - Terri and Jacqueline talk with Anne Cocquyt of The Guild about Serendipity, her annual un-conference held in San Francisco in October.

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Terri and Jacqueline talk with Anne Cocquyt of The Guild about Serendipity, her annual un-conference for women held in San Francisco over two days on October 26th and 27th.  Anne shares why she started Serendipity and the plans for this year’s event..  


Show Highlights 

  • Terri, Jacqueline and Anne talk about Serendipity.  Serendipity is anything but the typical conference.  There will be more than 80 speakers sharing their skills and expertise. Attendees are limited to 500 women.   

  • Terri talked about the salon she is hosting at Serendipity at Bolt VC for female accredited investors to learn more about investing in startups. This will be limited to 40 female accredited investors.   

  • The houses include: 

  • Starting Something 

  • Leadership 

  • Equality in the Workplace 

  • Voice Sessions 

  • Coaching 

  • Story Powerhouse 

  • Thought Leadership 

  • Social Responsibility 

  • Founders Meet Funders 

  • Emerging Tech  

  • Unplugging, Health and Wellness 

  • Women’s Health 

  • Investing 

  • There are 40 different sessions and each attendee can choose 4 different sessions over the two days.  Everyone will have a different, tailored experience but will be able to have a shared experience and connect with other women.  

  • There will be an opportunity to fill out your Guild profile, connect with women before the event, and then have a 15-minute call to help determine which sessions to attend.   

  • There will be happy hour on night one and the second night, there will be dinners hosted by various community members including discussions. You must buy a dinner ticket and a session will be recommended based on your interests.   

  • Anne is looking for volunteers to help with the conference who want to contribute to the event and participate on a very, special level.    


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Anne can be reached through The Guild website www.letsguild.com or via email at anne@letsguild.com. Or through the Serendipity website:  www.guildserendipity.com.     


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