Episode 47 -Growing up a twin and Terri's Birthday Bubbly Bonus

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Terri and her producer Jacqueline sit down over a bottle of California bubby to talk about what Terri wanted to be when she grew up, growing up in a family business, being an identical twin, and what she would do with a magic wand.

Show Highlights

  • Terri and Jacqueline are enjoying an Iron Horse Vineyard Ocean Reserve in celebration of Terri’s birthday
  • Terri and Jacqueline talk about the badass women they interviewed for upcoming podcasts and that Terri will not be actively looking for men to be on the podcast.
  • Terri commented on how contrasts can provide clarity on what is important in our lives for us to take action.
  • Terri shares how the last few weeks have reinforced the need for her to recognize her value in all of her decisions.
  • Jacqueline talks about how difficult it is for her to feel comfortable getting paid for the work she is doing and the value she is bringing to other people’s lives.
  • Terri is wondering whether the startup advising she is doing is being valued because she is doing it for free.
  • Jacqueline asks what Terri wanted to be what she wanted to be when she grew up.
  • Terri talks about not wanting kids until she was around 22 when one of her ex-boyfriend’s sisters had twins and she got to spend a lot of time with them.
  • Jacqueline and Terri talk about daycare for their children.
  • Terri talks about her experience working on and off for her parents in their accounting firm between the age of 9 and 26.
  • Terri talks about working in a family business and the dynamics including marital dynamics, kid/parent dynamics, and founder dynamics. Terri talks about disappointing her dad by not taking over his CPA firm.
  • Terri’s diverse work experience came from working for all of her parents’ friends’ companies as she was growing up.
  • Terri talks about her relationship with her identical twin sister. They’ve always had a contentious relationship which continues to this day and makes Terri very sad.
  • Terri talks about how the universe gave her an older sister in Patty Nykodym who she met at the newborn parenting class when she was pregnant with her son. They ended up sharing a birthday and then delivering their first children (both boys) 4 hours apart at the same hospital by the same doctor.
  • Terri talked about having to learn, in college, how to be a good girlfriend to other girls because having an identical twin, despite how difficult the relationship was, gave her an automatic friend.
  • Terri talks about how hard it’s been to not have her sister active in her life because it feels like she’s lost a limb or part of her soul is missing.
  • Jacqueline asks what Terri’s big lesson learned: own your destiny and be the pilot in your own life.
  • If Terri could wave a magic wand, she would wave it over her family to eliminate whatever trauma or resentment exists in her family and create a new, functional and happy adult dynamic.
  • But she would truly, rather wave the magic wand to make her friends with some very sick kids, make the kids all better.
  • Jacqueline talks about how Terri built an amazing family atmosphere in her house that makes it fun to come over and hang out. It’s Jaqueline’s favorite co-working space.

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