Information about Startup Sesame's latest application process for European Startups/

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Terri talks about how she forgot to press Record for the interview of Ben Costantini of Startup Sesame but wanted to share the info about the new Startup Sesame cohort with applications due on March 1 for startups wishing to apply for the Startup Sesame 2018 program. 

What is Startup Sesame? 

Startup Sesame is the largest alliance of tech events in Europe, helping startups grow with conferences, education and networking.  Startup Sesame is based in Paris, France and is led by Ben Costantini.   

click to tweet: When you are a Sesamer, you are part of a community that shares knowledge and experiences around tech events and benefit from its members. 

You can be a Sesamer if you are a startup, a company or an event.   Applications are due March 1, 2018


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