Bubbly Bonus - a conversation about vulnerability and finding your tribe

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Terri and Jacqueline address some of the responses they received from listeners regarding the Finding Your Tribe solocast and the importance of vulnerability and trust in friendship and asking for what you want or need.   

Terri and her producer Jacqueline sit down over a cup of coffee and not bubbly, to talk about the responses Terri received from the Finding Your Tribe solocast and discuss friendship, vulnerability, trust and the importance of asking for what you want or need.     


Show Highlights 

  • Jacqueline comments on how important it is for us to be able to call the friend who holds that space for you without trying to fix you 

  • Terri talks about being at events where everyone wants something from her and how draining that can be for her despite how much she enjoys them 

  • It is important that we trust each other and not self-select out of conversations and relationships that we could benefit from and that we trust that we can handle whatever the responses will be 

  • They talk about asking for something as simple as a discount or a meal customization without qualification.   

  • Terri has raised her daughter Rachel to ask for help and often uses her to ask for what she wants.  

  • Asking for something special is a something we all need to get more comfortable with.  

  • If you get a no, it isn’t a personal rejection.   

Call to Action 

Ask for something special every day (outside of your comfort zone) and share how you asked for help or for something at PilotingYourLife@gmail.com. 


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