Episode 24 - Learning not to be afraid of the darkness with Svetlana Saitsky

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Terri talks to life coach and artist Svetlana Saitsky about learning to not be afraid of the darkness, the importance of acknowledging your inner saboteur and how asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness.     


Who is Svetlana Saitsky? 

Throughout the last decade, Svetlana has worked with many corporations including Google, Apple, Lululemon, Great Place To Work Institute and YouCaring. Her expertise in culture building, coaching, and mindfulness are brought to life through interactive workshops, and speaking engagements targeting individuals and companies looking for transformation. She is also an artist whose work focuses on mental health awareness. Svetlana's work best supports creatives, entrepreneurs needing an extra push to achieve, and those going through massive career and life changes.  

Show Highlights 

  • Svetlana talks about saying yes to an opportunity without knowing how she was going to make it work 

  • Svetlana and Terri met over shoes at a Guild event (https://theguilded.org) 

  • Svetlana talks about how it took her ten years to really decide to become a life coach 

  • She reached her goal and realized it didn’t feel good and fell into a severe depression 

  • She describes the importance of having a support team in place and the first step in getting help is recognizing you need help 

  • She realized that it wasn’t all about inspiration and following your bliss and that you need to embrace the darkness 

  • Terri and Svet talk about tall poppy syndrome in Australia and the imposter syndrome and embracing the saboteurs in our heads; stop resisting the resistance 

  • We are more powerful than we can imagine 

  • Svet would wave a magic wand to give everyone the courage to tap into their own creativity 


Terri’s Key Takeaway 

We need to continue to redefine our definition of success as we learn and grow and to appreciate the journey and not just the destination.   


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Svetlana can be reached via her website www.svetlandasaitsky.com or on Instagram and Twitter @jetsvetter.    

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