speaking and panel appearances

Terri has appeared on stage and in panels advocating for underrepresented founders, for instance founders of color, LBGTQ+ and women. She speaks passionately about why it makes sense to invest in them, not just to help the founders but that it makes sense from a business perspective. These are recordings of her appearances.


fireside chat, slush 2017

Demographics and demand are shifting but are investors adjusting to the shift? Terri Mead, Founder and Managing Director at Class Bravo Ventures, Monique Woodard, Venture Partner at 500 Startups, and Albert Wenger, Partner at Union Square Ventures, discuss the untapped market opportunities in products/services that target currently underrepresented markets.



My super power is connecting…connecting people, connecting ideas, connecting people and ideas. I recognize not everyone has this skill or understands why it is important especially with so much technology in our lives. I shared my thoughts on the importance of not just networking, but connecting with female entrepreneurs. I met and connected with people that morning and felt compelled to include, and share, those new connections to demonstrate how connected everything is.

TIE launchpad

On the TIE launchpad panel Terri discusses the path to becoming an angel investor and the qualities you need to succeed are discussed. While it is easy to become an Angel Investor in Silicon Valley, it is possible to find Angel Groups around the world, and there are benefits to joining a group to leverage other people knowledge and create a bigger impact. The panel also discusses how to seek investment from Angel Investors, the difference between Angel and Venture Capital, and what makes up a powerful pitch to investors.

Pitch perfect video interview

Terri discusses her experience as a female Angel Investor and her investment thesis. In today's climate of awareness around sexual harassment she discusses the way women investors and founders face different challenges and are often overlooked and not taken seriously. She tells a funny story about talking to a founder of a drone company who had underestimated Terri’s expertise.


Digging in with Investors: Angel Investing Due Diligence

presentation at Launch Incubator

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