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Serendipity: Founders Meet Funders

Serendipity is an event sponsored by the Guild of San Francisco. They host a series of salon-style workshops, conversations, and activity-based networking events designed specifically to give you the exact resources and connections to grow personally and professionally.

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Venture and Angel Funding Panel

Panelist at the National Association for Women Business Owners at the "Give yourself a raise event"  sponsored by NAWBO

from the website:

Are you ready to find the missing ingredient that takes your business to the next level? Get the tools and know-how from powerhouse women entrepreneurs ready to help you step into a BIGGER vision with BIGGER revenue at this half day event. 

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6:30 PM18:30

Panel on Angel Investing for Women

Sponsored by the CLUB of silicon valley

Event information: This event will consist of a panel discussion featuring Wingee Sin, an investment executive with over 15 years of investing experience at Goldman Sachs, Barclays Global Investors, and State Street Global Advisors who co-authored “Impact with Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilize Women Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs.” TerriHanson Mead, an angel investor and President of Solutions2Projects, and Debra Vernon, an angel and corporate and securities attorney at DLA Piper. The event will be hosted by Olga V. Mack, founder of Women Serve on Board movement and General Counsel at ClearSlide, Inc.

More information and online registration: Angel Investing for Women


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6:30 PM18:30

Raising Angel Investment

Terri will be one of 3 panelists on the "angelchat" for PitchPerfect Silicon Valleys event "Raising Angel Investment". This event is put together to provide information on the secrets of raising angel investment.

Video Interview with Terri Hanson Mead

Angel Chat -video of Panel Discussion

More information at


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Presentation at Pitch Perfect

"What Angel investors look for in a Pitch"

Terri presented her thoughts on what she looks for in a Pitch. Attendees were given an opportunity to get feedback on their own work, hear her accumulated list of “dos” and “don’ts,” and leave feeling confident in their next presentation.

Sponsored by the Guild

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to May 26

Silicon Valley Open Doors Investor Panel

Read my takeaways from attending this conference as an investor here 



SVOD or Silicon Valley Open Doors is a leading technology investment conference that brings in an eclectic mix of 2000 most creative, forward-thinking, and insightful people in the entrepreneurial and investment world to the heart of it all – the Silicon Valley!

From founders to CEOs, from industry legends to brand young entrepreneurs, SVOD brings together as speakers and investor judges the people who are shaping our lives today and influencing our future.

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More Time More Profit Podcast: How to Pitch to Investors

Listen to the podcast with my friend Adam Wagner and his colleague Grant Merriel

I had the opportunity to talk about my experience as an angel investor with Sand Hill Angels and what I look for in a pitch from founders.  You don't need to take notes during the podcast; I wrote about what I am looking for in a Medium post.  Read it here. 

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