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I am an experienced business professional with a diverse background and ability to guide, connect, and execute.  I am passionate about working with companies and individuals to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams.  As a San Francisco Bay Area native, I’ve experienced first-hand how leveraging technology can help companies get to market faster and optimize overall business processes.

As a clear communicator, people who work with me know that I am going to provide them with the information they need, in a straightforward and direct manner, to help them make the best possible decisions.  I practice radical candor.

As a natural connector, I connect people, ideas, and people with ideas and this is integral to who I am and how I serve the world.

With my extensive experience in life sciences and IT, my angel investing with Sand Hill Angels, and the continual search for ideal opportunities, I am excited about investing in digital health, specifically in FemTech (women's healthcare) and PediaTech (pediatric healthcare).  Why FemTech and PediaTech?  Over 80% of household healthcare spend is controlled by women and over 50% of the population is female.  This is a green-field opportunity right now.  I also look to invest in female founders.  Why female founders?  The research and data support that investing in women makes good business sense and not enough investors are taking advantage of this opportunity.  More to come on this soon!



Consultant in IT strategy and IT compliance services for life sciences companies moving towards commercialization or in support of commercialization initiatives and in alignment with corporate strategy.

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piloting your life

My podcast with interviews with inspiring individuals who are the pilots in their own lives.

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angel investor

Investor, previously through Sand Hill Angels, focused on identifying and investing in seed stage start-ups with products or services that improve the lives of people.

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Expert Witness

Expert witness services and expert witness consulting services for disputes around failed IT systems and failed IT system implementations.


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speaker and panelist

Speaker and panelist on topics that include IT in life sciences, angel investing, empowering women and girls, interconnectedness, and being a helicopter pilot. 

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Terri Hanson Mead