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I am an experienced business professional with a diverse background and ability to guide, connect, and execute.  I am passionate about working with companies and individuals to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams.  As a San Francisco Bay Area native, I’ve experienced first-hand how leveraging technology can help companies get to market faster, optimize overall business performance, and improve people’s lives.

I do this through angel investing, startup advising, digital health consulting, podcasting, blogging, speaking, writing, and IT compliance consulting.

Explore more about each area below.

I am excited to announce my first book, Piloting Your Life, to embolden women over the age of 40 to take the controls and be the pilots in their own lives. The paperback, ebook, and audio book will be available September 1st! Check it out here!



Class Bravo Ventures: Digital health consulting providing visibility into digital health innovation for companies looking to expand their product portfolios.

Solutions2Projects: IT compliance services for biotech, medical device, diagnostic, and digital health companies. .

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piloting your life

My podcast with interviews and conversations around blue ocean opportunities in women’s health innovation.

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angel investor

Early stage investing in digital health startups focused on women’s health and children’s health (FemTech and PediaTech).

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Expert Witness

Expert witness and expert consulting services for disputes around failed IT systems, failed enterprise systems and implementations, and IT vendor/client disputes. Specialty area: SaaS in Life Sciences.


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speaker and panelist

Available for keynotes, panels, moderating panels, podcasts, and interviews on digital health, IT compliance, empowering women, angel investing, and Piloting Your Life.

Terri Hanson Mead